Single Seater

Drive the single seater as smoothly as possible because stabbing movements can unbalance the car and cause the back end to slide away.

Buy a Formula TRS Single Seater Driving Experience

Formula TRS single seaters’ are open wheeled, open cockpit racing cars that benefit from a superior degree of technological sophistication. Expertly engineered, driving these cars gives a genuine racing experience. The single seater has a top speed of 145mph, however it has no ABS or traction and you sit just inches from the ground, so driving a single seater racing car is a truly exhilarating experience.

Steering a single seater on a race track presents new challenges to drivers as a different driving style is required. This is particularly true when cornering, as the correct racing line is essential so the car slows for the least amount of time.

Fantastic, just a great day all round..... Thanks for a truly amazing experience!

Peter Robinson - London

Car:Formula TRS Single Seater
Max Speed:145 mph
0-60mph:4.8 secs
BHP:115 bhp
Transmission:4 Speed Manual Sequential
Engine:1800 cc Zetec