Lamborghini Gallardo

The Lamborghini Gallardo was the first new supercar produced under the stewardship of Audi and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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With its sharp creased styling, the Gallardo is the perfect car for those who both want to be seen…. and heard. Put your foot to the floor and the 5 litre V10 wails just over your shoulder and with Audi’s expertise in four wheel drive systems you’ll find yourself taking the next bend before you know it, grinning all the way.

Transferring its 500 bhp to the track via E Gear transmission and a fantastic four wheel drive system The Racing School’s raging bull races from nought to sixty in a mere 4.2 seconds and if you are brave enough the Gallardo will finally top out at a staggering 196 mph. Dare you take to the track in this awesome supercar.

“I’m in love!…and it’s a laugh! It’s absolutely tremendous!”

Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear

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Car:Lamborghini Gallardo
Max Speed:196
Transmission:E Gear
Engine:5 litre V10