Jaguar F-Type R

Slip into the seat of The Racing School’s big cat and as soon as you floor the throttle the deep purr turns to a growl launching you on to the track… Simply stunning.

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The Jaguar F-Type R is a real head turner, but the stunning lines aren’t the only things that grab people’s attention. With an exhaust system that has been engineered to burn excess fuel when the throttle is lifted, the Jaguar F-Type R crackles and spits when off the power giving almost as much pleasure when on the throttle.

The only place that is safe to put the Jaguar F-Type R through its paces is on a racetrack, that is if you want to keep your licence. The Jaguar is brutal under acceleration, but fortunately the four wheel drive system allows the driver to tame the beast just enough to feel like they are in full control. The F-Type is a worthy replacement for the E-Type, even if it was fifty years in the making.

“It’s beautiful, mad, thrilling and loud…and there’s more! The chassis is epic and so is the steering and so are the brakes. Don’t drive slowly, drive fast!”

Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear

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Car:Jaguar F Type R
Max Speed:186
Transmission:semi automatic
Engine:5.0 Litre Supercharged