Formula 1 Car

The Racing Schools ex Formula 1 car is a 3 Litre Nicholson McLaren Cosworth V8 Forte Corse, that was once driven by Luca Badoer.

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Formula 1™ is the pinnacle in World Motorsport. These single seater, open cockpit, open wheel racing cars take months to design, let alone build. Teams spend millions to build and race these exotic thoroughbreds all over the world. They are the most technologically advanced racing cars in the world, driven by an exclusive few who are classed as the best drivers in the world.

These cars have unbelievable acceleration and incredible straight line speed. They also have amazing cornering ability due to an immense grip and tremendous deceleration thanks to superior aero dynamics generating greater down-force. Typically, F1 cars can go from a speed of 100mph back to a standstill position in 4 seconds, the same time it would take your average Ferrari to reach 60mph.

"Well worth the 8000 mile trip!! One of the highlights of my life (so far)"

Jay Holmes - from Chester

Car:Formula 1 Car
Max Speed:200+ mph
0-60mph:2.8 secs
BHP:600 bhp
Transmission:6 Speed Manual Sequential
Engine:3 Litre Nicholson Mclaren Cosworth V8