Ferrari California

When Ferrari brought the California name back into the stable it had to be something special and that’s exactly what the new Ferrari California is, a front engined V8 coupe / cabriolet with a dual clutch gearbox similar to the one used in their Formula 1 cars.

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Using the same engine as the F430, you would think the California would be left in the wake by its svelte sibling, however those clever boffins at Ferrari played around with the bore and stroke and surprisingly, although weighing a massive 300 kgs more and producing 30 bhp less, the California still goes from 0 – 60 in just 4 seconds. Exactly the same as the F430.

The California may contain a number of firsts for Ferrari, but it certainly is all Ferrari. At first glance it will set your pulse racing and when you slip into the beautifully upholstered leather seats you will soon come to understand why this marque is so sought after. Push the start button and the V8 bursts into life with a grumbling growl, but it’s on the straights as you push to the 8000 rpm redline that the engine howls with delight. This truly is a stunning supercar.

Car:Ferrari California
Max Speed:193 mph
0-60mph:4 secs
BHP:453 bhp
Transmission:Seven-speed twin clutch
Engine:4297cc 32v V8