Ariel Atom

The Ariel Atom is truly unique piece of engineering. It’s wonderfully different to look at, spectacular to drive and seriously fabulous fun.

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For sheer excitement driving the Ariel Atom is off the scale. If you can change gear fast enough the Atom shifts from 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds and is capable of reaching a top speed of 150mph. All of which feels even more intense because this Atom has no bodywork, so you are totally exposed to the elements.

Unlike any other high performance sports car, the chassis of the Atom is an exo-skeleton, meaning it’s predominantly visible from the outside. It doesn’t have a roof, doors or windows. Astonishingly this means you get to see all the action as it happens on the track, so you’ll never miss an apex because you actually see where the wheels are touching.

“It’s stunning… goes like nothing you can possibly imagine!…..It’s fast on an entirely new level! This is driving nirvana! There is no car, nothing on four wheels as fast as this – NOTHING!”

Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear

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Car:Ariel Atom
Max Speed:150
Transmission:6 speed manual
Engine:2 ltr Honda VTEC