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The McLaren driving experience offers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a supercar developed by the F1 supremo, Ron Dennis, the McLaren 540c brings the magic of F1 to our supercar fleet. With a top speed of 199mph, the McLaren Driving experience is the ultimate supercar drive for the most devoted petrol head.

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Any Venue Platinum Thrill with High Speed Passenger Ride

Choose from either Brands Hatch, Donington Park, Oulton Park or Three Sisters for a full six mile drive behind the wheel of the F1 inspired McLaren 540c, then take to the passenger seat of the nifty Abarth 595 Turismo as one of our ARDS instructors takes you on a High Speed Passenger Ride to scare you witless

“What a car!”

Tiff Needell - Fifth Gear

Forthcoming dates

Brands Hatch - 19th & 20th April | 19th & 20th June | 26th & 27th July | 9th & 10th August

Donington Park - 25th August

Oulton Park - 3rd May | 4th July

Three Sisters - 28th April | 29th April | 20th May | 9th June | 10th June | 29th July | 18th August | 19th August

McLaren 540c

The McLaren 540c, is a two-seat, rear wheel-drive, stylish Supercar with bat-wing doors. Striking to look at and most importantly it’s sensational to drive, the McLaren guarantees an exceptional driving experience for anyone lucky enough to get behind its wheel and take to the track.
With a 3.8 litre, twin turbo V8 engine powering it, as half the throttle the McLaren 540c provides enough acceleration to leave you grinning from ear to ear but at full throttle it feels quite magical in the way in picks up and hurls itself down the track. The handling, ride, steering and braking capabilities are quite extraordinary. It is an awesome price of industrial engineering.
With a starting price of £126k, this new addition to The Racing School’s supercar fleet is pretty exclusive. It may be less flamboyant that a Ferrari, but the McLaren 540c does have a few quirky design elements that give it its own identity and use of the highest specification composite materials is clear to see. With no door handles, to get inside the McLaren 540c you have to strike the underside of the windowsill to activate a touch-sensitive pad. Then once inside, things get really comfortable as the McLaren has great ergonomics. It is stylish, neat and exciting without being brash.
Driving the McLaren will make your heart race and palms sweat, two key elements for a fabulous driving day out!

Mclaren 54c Specification
Car:McLaren 540c
Max Speed:199mph
0-60mph:3.5 secs
BHP:533 bhp
Transmission:7 speed SSG
Engine:3.8 Twin Turbo V8
The Experience

When they arrive at their chosen circuit all drivers are taken through a quick registration process, the McLaren driving experience will then begin with one of the Racing Schools qualified ARDS instructors going through any safety and technical questions whilst out on the track. During this session drivers are given the chance to quiz the instructor on all aspects of the imminent McLaren experience.

Once the briefing has been completed, all the driver’s will head over to the pit lane, here the ARDS instructor will take to the driving seat and drive some demonstration laps where they will show the drivers the racing lines, how to position the car correctly and let the drivers familiarise themselves with geography of the driver’s chosen circuit, These laps will go on to prove invaluable, ensuring all the drivers get the most from the McLaren and more importantly themselves, once they get out onto the track for their drive.

Demonstration laps completed, the drivers return to the pits where the instructor will now slip into the passenger seat of the monumental McLaren, offering advice and encouragement, it’s now time for the driver to show everything they have learnt as they take to the race track for a six mile experience they will never forget.

Available Circuits

The Racing School McLaren Driving Experience is available at the following UK Race Circuits:

McLaren Driving Experience Format
Briefing:Technical & safety briefing
Familiarisation laps:Familiarisation laps being driven by an instructor
In Car Time:Six miles driving the McLaren MP4-12c
De-brief:10 mins
Approx. Time At Venue:1 hours 45 mins
Driving requirements
Height Min:4’ 10″
Height Max:6’ 4″
Max Weight:18 Stone
Driving Licence:A full driving licence must have been held for a minimum of 12 months and needs to be produced on the day of your experience.
Tuition:Yes with professional instructor