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The Junior Nissan GT-R Driving Experience offers 11-16 year olds the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Nissan GT-R muscle car. With a Guinness World Record for the fastest 0 – 60 accelerating four-seater production car. This is a supercar that all junior drivers can’t wait to get behind the wheel of.

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Junior Supercar Thrill & High Speed Passenger Ride

Choose from Donington Park or the Three Sisters Circuit for a full six mile drive behind the wheel of the Nissan GT-R muscle car, then slip into the passenger seat of the agile Abarth 595 Turismo as one of our ARDS instructors takes you out onto the track for a white knuckle High Speed Passenger Ride.

Voucher valid for 12 months, note experiences carried out in/around school holidays.

“The acceleration is just blistering, it’s savage – God, face-ripping! It’s fan-bleeding-tastic!”

Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear

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Forthcoming dates

Donington Park - 9th April | 4th June | 5th August

Three Sisters - 8th April | 29th May | 20th August

Nissan GT-R

It may look like something that’s more suited to the middle lane of the motorway, but don’t be fooled, a souped up version of this fantastic muscle car set records when it took to the Nurburgring. Packed with cutting edge Japanese technology and engineering the GT-R is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Powered by  a 3.8 twin turbo V6 engine, the Nissan GT-R rockets from a standing start to sixty miles per hour in an unbelievable 3.2 seconds, figures that put some two seater supercars in the shade. Four wheel drive adds grip that has to be experienced to be believed, entering the corners or exiting the corners, the GT-R copes with them with equal aplomb. Finally, not forgetting this is a four seater family saloon, the Nissan GT-R has a top speed of 193 mph, so forget the school run and let your kids loose in what can only be described as the ultimate muscle car.

Nissan GT-R Specification
Car:Nissan GT-R
Max Speed:193 mph
0-60mph:3.2 secs
BHP:494 bhp
Transmission:6-speed semi-automatic dual clutch
Engine:3.8 twin turbo V6
The Experience

When you arrive at the track there is a quick registration process, then the junior Nissan GT-R experience begins with a full safety and technical briefing, this is taken by one of our qualified ARDS instructors. Here the junior drivers have the chance to quiz the instructor and ask as many questions as they have about the car, the circuit and the forthcoming Nissan GT-R experience.

With the briefing over it’s time to head out to the track where the instructor will get behind the wheel and drive some familiarisation laps, showing the junior drivers the racing lines, braking points, car positioning and the general layout of the chosen circuit. With the instructor behind the wheel offering advice we endeavour to ensure that all junior drivers get the most out of their drive when they get behind the wheel of the brutal Nissan GT-R for a full six mile drive.

Available Circuits

The Racing School Nissan Driving Experience is available at the following UK Race Circuits:

Nissan Driving Experience Format
Briefing:Technical & safety briefing
Familiarisation laps:Familiarisation laps being driven by an instructor
In Car Time:Six miles driving the Nissan GT-R
Post DriveCertificate presentation
Driving requirements
Min Age:11
Max Age:16
Height Min:4’ 10″ (1.47m)
Height Max:6’ 5″ (1.93m)
Max Weight:20 Stone (127kg)
Driving Licence:only available for non driving licence holders
Tuition:Yes with professional instructor