First Drive Driving Experience

Even youngsters can discover the thrill of driving at The Racing School. Here, young people from 11 to 16 years old can get behind a steering wheel for the first time in safe, controlled conditions with an ADI instructor who will teach them the rudiments of driving.

First Drive Driving Experience For Kids

The first drive experience is all about learning the basic skills of driving. From how to turn on the engine and get the car in motion, to gear changes and hills starts, you’ll learn a lot and have great fun while you’re doing it.
The day begins with a safety and information briefing from a qualified ADI instructor*, who’ll then take you out on the track for an in-car briefing. This is a chance for the instructor to point out all the pedals, gears and other things you’ll need to know to make the most out of your experience, and also for you to ask any questions you may have.
Then it’s your turn to get behind the wheel. Driving a nifty Abarth 500, this is a brilliant car for the 1st Drive. It’s small and light, making it incredibly easy to manoeuvre. The addition of dual control means the instructor can intervene if necessary, giving some comfort to parents watching from the pit lane.
Depending on how well you progress over the course of the experience your drive can include reversing into a parking bay and steering in and out of cones.
During the experience the instructor will complete an assessment sheet, scoring between 1 and 10. As long as you have managed to get to grips with the basics you should be all set to book at 2nd Drive experience.
* ADI instructors are government approved to give driving instruction in public highways
The Racing School First Drive Driving Experience is available at Donington Park – Derbyshire.

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First Drive Driving

Car: Dual Control (normally an Abarth 500 but vehicle type does vary).
Driver requirements
Height Min: 4’ 10 ”
Height Max: 6’ 5”
Max Weight: 18 stone

Experience Format

Briefing: 15 mins
Instructor Demo: 10 mins
In Car Time: 45 mins
De-brief: 15 mins
Approx. Time At Venue: 3 hours

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