Supercar Driving Experience
In one of our Supercars shown below, you will have a 20 minute safety briefing, followed by familiarisation (circa 4 miles in a sports saloon car driven by an instructor), and then your drive in one of our Supercars for 6 miles. The total time of your experience will be up to 2 hours.
The elegant Ferrari has the performance to go with the looks: nought to sixty in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 183mph guarantee an exceptional day out on the track. Filled with Italian passion, the Ferrari offers an unbeatable experience for the senses. Enjoy every note change as the engine moves through the rpm range, accompanied by the unmistakable, metallic click of every gear change. Take this chance to find out for yourself why Ferrari are Formula 1’s premier team.

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The powerful Lamborghini not only looks the part, it boasts an incredible acceleration rate and superb four wheel drive system. A true Supercar in every sense. Eye-catching, deceptively low and even wider than you would expect, the Lamborghini Gallardo with its £130,000 plus price tag will delight you with the inimitable shrill of its V10 engine and intoxicating speeds of up to 200 mph. Try it if you dare!

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James Bond looks and the finest British engineering make a day behind the wheel of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage truly something special. Be blown away by its straight-line speed and cornering skills, all to the backdrop of a purring 4.2 litre, 380bhp engine. This car is exclusive, stylish and high performing.

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Power, poise and legendary handling: the 911 is probably the most iconic Supercar on the planet. With astonishing acceleration and heady mix of whooshing and booming sounds that thrill the senses, this stunning car truly comes alive on a race track.

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A sporty little hot hatch, this pint-sized super auto is turbocharged and deceptively fierce. Fiat's racing arm delivers pin-sharp performance, excellent handling and spectacular speed with the Abarth 500, making it a perfect choice for a day on the track.

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A drive like no other: no doors, no roof and no real driver aids - just you, the pocket rocket and the racetrack. No frills but all the thrills, this is driving stripped back to its barest – and many would argue its most enjoyable – form. If you crave speed but don't need the glamour of slick paintwork and plush interiors to wow you, then the Ariel Atom will suit you perfectly.

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Inspired by the most successful Le Mans racing car of all time, the R8 is a dream of a drive. With R-tronic semi-automatic transmission and a 4.2 FSI V8 engine that puts out 414 bhp, the R8 reaches a heart-racing top speed of 187 mph. And it looks pretty fantastic, too – inside and out.

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A Race Training Experience is an exciting day out – but one which also improves your driving skills and techniques. Under the expert tuition of an instructor, you’ll get faster and better with each lap, while enjoying the unmatched experience of driving on one of the UK’s premier race tracks. Prices from £250.


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Experience available at
Three Sisters - Lancashire

Fulfil a lifelong dream and experience electrifying laps in an ex-Grand Prix Formula One car, on an iconic race circuit. With a top speed of 200mph and 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds, this is a truly thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience which only 120 lucky people per year get to enjoy Join this elite club and feel the sheer pleasure of driving an F1 car to its limits. Prices from £1,599.


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Experience available at
Three Sisters - Lancashire
Multi Supercar

The opportunity to drive one Supercar is what dreams are made of, but the chance to drive two, that is truly a special day. That is what we are offering within this experience, the chance to drive two Supercars around a world class track on the same day. To book look under the gift voucher section on the Book/Vouchers page. If you really want a driving experience to remember, you can drive more than two, three or even four Supercars, to book this please call 01942 270 230. Prices from £129.

Make dreams become a full-throttle reality with a fantastic Supercar driving experience. We offer a full six miles in a range of Supercars on some of UK’s most esteemed race circuits including Brands Hatch and Oulton Park. Prices from £99.


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Young drivers will have a wild time in a fabulous Ferrari 360 Modena, a classic Porsche 911, an Awesome Audi R8, James Bond’s favourite the Aston Martin or the ultra fast Lamborghini Gallardo. Or, they can take a “first drive” experience in an Abarth 500. Junior experiences are available at Donington Park, Derbyshire and Three Sisters, Lancashire. Prices from £59.


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Experience available at
Three Sisters - Lancashire

Get ready for a heart-pounding, ardrenaline-pumping experience as a professional instructor takes to Three Sisters race track at break neck speed – and scares you witless. From the moment you’re strapped in and you hear that seductive purr of the engine – as the instructor’s foot engages with the accelerator – the excitement begins. Prices from £25.


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Experience available at
Three Sisters - Lancashire

Take advantage of a very special offer on the first and last time slots of the day. Experience a short but sweet driving experience that will start or end your day in the best possible way. From only £39


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Take advantage of a very special offer on the first and last time slots of the day. Experience a short but sweet driving experience that will start or end your day in the best possible way.


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